Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The value in Asian drama-Pretty GIrl

Asian drama. That my favorite one. Japanese and korean especially. Compare to hollywood i’m more preferring them. Why? I’m not really sure, but i’m thinking the oriental story is more suitable for me.

Recently I watch three drama, Japanese title, Pretty Girls and Hana Yori Dango 2, Korean, 18 vs 29. But between three of them, the Pretty Girls give me more to think. While watving the 18 vs 29 make me feel that the action style of the actors of most korean drama quite similar. I’m not surprise since all the korean drama usually give the same line story just different characters and sets. Same as these story, for me its not very different like others korean drama.

About Pretty Girls, I watch this drama online from mysoju, a website that collect all drama and movie from east asia, you can find a lot of drama and movie easily here. This story give me some thought and inspire. Yeah, its about a girl that have nothing but have rescue by a guy. Interestingly, the girl felt that the guy have something hurt in his heart.

In order to find the guy and cure his hurt. She work at the shopping mall where that guy is working. That the story begin. This girl who have very determine and optimise character that think everything possible, and there are a way out for all circumtances make a good job and given raise from her employer.

The story is about work out and do not jus sit and wait. It happen when it simbolized the cinderella story that only hope for miracle to find her love compare grab all the way and chance to make it happen. Its about magical come when we never give to make it.

Its also about sacrifice, friendship and happiness. In this kind of life, not much people thinking to love all people around him/her and willing to make everything to make that people happy. Sometime, make a sacrifice and sincere to help is the best way to have the greatest happiness.

I love this kind of story. Story that make people to become selfishless. Story that make people no matter what will never give up. Story that make people learn a lot of good value in life. I think this is how a story should be made.