Saturday, June 6, 2009

A World Without Thieves

The title is A World Without Thieves. What a vogue title. Acting by my favourite Hong Kong actor ever, Andy Lau. This movie is totally different. May be a bit boring. But its just nice. Fresh and new. I think its creative to make such this movie.

With a nice flowing plot. Very good scenery of dessert near in mongol. With more 90% made on boarding train, I think its great to have such an action and touch movie. Believe me. I love Hong Kong movie since small. But, when grow up I feel quite boring with its same plot and line of story. Therefore i think its great to watch such a new and fresh idea of movie.

I know, watch movie from television such a waste cause the company always cut some of the scene and make the story quite hang. But, its okay. I still can enjoy the excitement. So, i think i can give three star for this movie.