Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Result

I got to know my first semester result. Its hurt. I want to cry. For this time i really need someone to tell what i feel. I felt so disappointed. I’m not expected at all to acquire such a worst result. Oh, me the way out. Its hurt. Very much!

I know i should be grateful for what i ve got. But, couldnt i just said what i felt. Why i cannot just cried out how i feel. Its not me. I never got grade c. My Goodness. I deserve better. Live is getting hard. Everything is not seem easy. I should work harder. No time to play and become upset.

Recently i always thinking when is the first time i learn to read. I cant remember. Far i know i can already read since my kindergarten. I got my first place on kindergarten exam when i five but fall to six when six years old. But, i generally have good result since my kindergarten days. But, its change lately. Its change when im grown up. Im getting worst.

However, im trying really hard in my year at university. May be sometimes im too relax. Getting involve with club, watching movie and hang up sometime. But i really do my best. And as long i know im never such a hard work than this time. Why? Why is not good???

Its hurt. I felt like a cut on my heart. Oh..i think i need to calm down and just face the reality. Yup, and also be better for future!


adol said...

kecewa nmpk... huhuhu

Amal Mina said...

terima kasih kerana memahami..=)