Monday, June 8, 2009

I think full house is the one

I have watch a lot of Korean drama, but the one that i like most is Full House. We did a voting once to choose the best Korean series, most of all my friend love Sassy Girl. Hmm, i cant deny it. The story is very good and i really like it also. I watch this series on tv without miss although one of the episode. But, i love Full House more.

There is some similarity between this two series. First, its about a couple who accidentally married without know each other very well and setup a contract marriage. Second, the guy has a bad manner and like an antagonis girl character. Third, the female character fall in love first and has another guy admire her. Forth, they fall in love with each other at last. Fifth, they separate for some period and meet again to stay together forever. Hmm, but there are still some different that make it totally different story.

However, i love full house more, may be because of the house. Yup, the beautiful and unique house. Ah, the house itself make me fall in love for it. And, this story have such a lot of beautiful cinematography from the area of the house itself plus shanghai and thailand. But, each of the scene for me is beautiful. I dont know, may be the humor and the female character Han Ji Eun by Song Hye Kyo is very interesting. I dont know, but i love this series best.

Yesterday, i browse internet looking some information for full house. I watch full house three time but only once with full episode. I dont know why i felt want to watch it again. But i dont have the story now, i have deleted it since my hard disk full. So, watch and listen to music video from youtube give such a good remembrance for such of this best series.

Oh ya, for sharing, i just find out that this story also based on cartoon story. I’m not really no from where its origin. But, the sassy girl story has its own legend. Yeah, i dont know the real but there is a myth about chun hyang and mong ryong. I think make it story base on good story that already have is a good things.

Ok, i think that all. Just for remembrance for this great series.