Monday, June 22, 2009

Durians Story

Durian’s season is happened now. My parents said it was happened in south of the peninsula. Most in the Negeri Sembilan and Johore. Did you have durians already? In my home area now there also the season. So, some of the villagers gave durians to us. The taste quite nice.

I’m not really a durians lovers. But, i just eat it when its there. I like ‘durian kampung’, but it should have the sweet taste.Otherwise my appetite will lose. Quite fussy right. Sorry its just myself.

But my younger brother really like it. Its quite funny cause he is on dieting. Refuse to eat. But when its come to durian. He eat ti non stop. Sorry dik..just to share. My mom say he never ate durian when small. Never think its change when he grown up.

Talk about the childhood, its remain me when i was small, my family and i will return hometown whenever the durian’s season is coming. When my grandparents is still there. Its such a nice memory. Although i dont really remeber but it still come across my mind the beautiful life as a children.

Stop that. Yesterday, we went to look for way to my brother college in Ampang. Take a visit too to my elder brother in Pandan Indah. Then we have a driving until reach Taman Melawati. We having early dinner or late lunch cause i cant say it tea time since we dont drink tea and i eat a lot chicken rice and sizzling mee. But not that story, just nearby of the stall we have the food the are a stall selling durian. A lot and with very reasonable price.

I’m full so i’m not eating the durians there. However my dad and brother still finished two of quite big durians. But i still have some durians porridge with sticky rice which preparing free for people by the stall owner. Very delicious. And i love it. However i dont want to fell sick due to over eating. So, it enough to have only some.

Hmm, i think just that. For those who doesnt taste the durian yet. Please try it when it still the season because the ‘durian kampung’ is so much different from the durian from Thai.


de_abczyx said...

dah rase dah durian. bagus, ade usaha nak tulis dalam b.i :)

khaulah said...


kat rumah saya jual durian =)

M-L-D said...

durian feverrrrrr....
dah muak da makan durian..haha
adek amal ngah diet? ckp ngan die kecik2 x yah r diet...nikmati makanantanpe, jgn berlebihan saje