Saturday, June 6, 2009

I watch Malay Movie?

I dont watch malay movie, hard for drama too. But, i’m a patriotic person. Oh, may be such the sweetmouth to act to be the good citizen. Who cares! I just want to watch something nice. For what to spend such quality time to watch something that we dont like.

But, I watch malay movie when all the story from my saving finish i watch. Such a dull holiday. But i just have the film Duyung and Impak Maksima that my little brother save in my laptop cause i will never do it myself. Quite fun. I think i am too underestimate malay movie. Poor me.

Then, i just accidentally watch a story call Tuah, old film acting by Jamal Abdillah. I dont know why i still stand and watch it. Actually quite origin to view the silat action. However, the plot, the story, i’m sorry its hopeless. I dont know if this film was sold in cinema, than the ticket buyer will be very disappointed.

Believe me, i think this Tuah film is good. But there are no concrite story there. Its just making film without thinking. Oh, i dont know. Thank God, it was the old film.

Then, i just lazily want to change the channel after watching news at tv3. So, i have a chance to watch a malay drama series. The title is Nur Kasih. I heard the promotion about this drama but i have no intention to watch it. But, surprised me it was directed by Kabir Bhatia. The one who direct Love film from my previous entri. Not bad. I love its sinematografi. Very nice. The camera angle, cool.

And the most i love about Kabir Bhatia handmaker is its tape. I mean the material of film. Its new. Make the picture sophisticated although its only the country story. And i watch this drama which is their second episode. And i think this drama is quite interesting. And i thought to watch it over next week.

I think nowadays malay drama have a lot of improvement. Better than the ‘tuah’ style. Although quite hard to compete P.Ramlee, but it has its unique quality. But we are not origin. Love to copy from hollywood, korea, hong kong, bollywood and so on. Okay thats all.