Monday, June 15, 2009

A night with star.

I went home about five at evening after three days in Rembau. Quite tiring. Very actually. Long time in break always make me feel quite difficult to face a lot of activity and some burden. Gratefully, i manage three days to stay alert. To learn and to give full comitment. I got another one week before to confront another responsibility.

After a quick shower, i have to go out again. My parents ask me to give accompany to beach having some barbecue with my little brother and his friends. I’m not really intend to do so, but i still go. As a result i slept all the way as my body is too tired.

After maghrib, they start baking the chicken. The guys, quite nice. Or may be they just acting nice because of my parents are here. I dont know, i hope they are nice so that my little brother will not get the bad influence. Although, it hard to believe the young people nowadays.

What is really nice about that night is, this is my first night on the seaside. With the sound of wave and the black of night, the atmosphere become more nice with the blinking of stars on the dark sky. Beautiful. Like a dream.

Yup, it has been a long time i have been dream to be in this situation. Lay down on the spacious area, look up the sky with a lot of star. Since then, although tired. I still very grateful to fulfill my parents request.