Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sorry, i love you..

A friend told me she cried when watch this drama. So, i’m watching and try to feel where is the part to be cry on. And at last at episode 12, i cry. Wonderful. Its hard to me nowaday to cry while watching any story, hard to touch my heart. However, i’m not cried because of the love story or the death that really near to come. I cry because of the relationship between the brothers, the suffer of the complicated family relationship. Honestly, the truth love between family is easily touching me compare to tragic love story. And the end with suicide next to the lover grave, oh, is it the era of romeo and juliet? not touching at all. I think Snow Queen is better. Live on. Live on although every one loves is leaving. Thats sweet...

Now, i can understand why always in movies and dramas there are such a person that look alike come after that person die. To have a replacement is what the viewer love to watch. Who wants to see the end by alone, sad and lonely. Is nice to be someone beside. But thats the story. The way to touch, the way to end, the way to not put such an inapproriate tragically plot.

I love details. In every story i want each of the scenes have the cause and sequence. For me, thats how the story will be strong. Give every scene a meaning, not just to fill the empty space. I found it in this drama. Quite nice.

What else to say? I only can give 3 star for this drama among all the korean drama type. I think that all. However, i really think Eun Chae is cute and Moo Hyuk is extremely handsome and cool guy..=)