Monday, June 8, 2009

My story history

Since I have my own laptop, since i enter to university, i ve spent a lot of time watch movie and drama by it. I am a story lover. Before when i dont have laptop, we also dont ve dvd player at home. I also never buy any dvd or cd. Thats me, i love free things. So, i just spent my time in front of television. Since i could memorise all the programs, i will never miss to watch any movies or drama (except the malay). Thats me. Thank God, although i went to hostel and there are no tv there, i can manage it. But, at home, i just too addiction on story. And my only source is tv.

Thats the story of my young age. Then, today something change. May be i grown up. Not everything feel new and fresh. I’m wisely choose what to watch and what to not. Also, i’m not really desperate to watch everything on tv. Yeah, today we can download easily from internet and also watch through from youtube. Everything seem so easy. Everything seem so change rapidly.

Yeah, i watch quite a lot story online. But, more than that i got copy of the story from friends and family. Still free. Sorry if its not appropriate. But, for a student like me, i dont want to waste my money to spend on something like not very important but i really like it. I dont know, i just want to watch it but i dont have money for it.

However, sometime when there is no story and the internet connection is very slow. I always thought to buy dvd from stores. Yeah, of course i dont have money. But, i’m always think that when i become adult, work and have own money. May be i would spend some for this interest. I dont know. Its future talk.

Oh, right, i think this all. Tell me if there is any good story....