Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I travelled quite a lot this holiday. Went Perak two times and last weekend visit my relatives at Temerloh. Actually travelling is nice however its still tiring. However i’m thinking to share some exciting experience through my visit this time. Not much, just a visit to a market. This is my second time to this ‘morning market’ at Pekan Temerloh, since I remember. I’m not remember if i have done it when smaller.

I think, there is no such place in Malaysia which do not have the market. Thats the place where a lot of seller selling their variety of stuffs. Basically with very reasonable price. And Malaysian love to go to market or in malay we call ‘pasar’. There are a few type of pasar, such as pasar malam, pasar pagi, pasar tani, pasar borong and so on. Actually, i’m not really interested to go to pasar. Only sometimes. Because, usually the condition of pasar is not really good. A lot of rubbish, the smell of fish and meat, the crowd and a lot else.

However, its still an interesting place. And the pasar that i want to talk here is quite interesting. It is a long pasar. I cannot finish walk it end to end. You know me. But, its extremely long, not like usual pasar i visit. The other thing is it is located at the river bank. Such an interesting view of wide river that seldom have boat on it. Its not really hot and the sellers dont have to use the canopy due to the trees is sheltering along the passage. Quite calm.

I dont want to talk some pictures to your view.

beautiful view of river bank. There is a boat there, such a scenery!

Some vegetables stuffs sold. They just need some papers, what a simple way!

look like this granny just got selling her stuff. so grateful! From my observation, a lot of elder become seller here. Have to make it live in the old days. Quite symphaty.

i bet this is the trademark of this place. What a view!