Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!!!

New semester have just started. Its made me not realize tomorrow is the new year. 2010. 10 years to go to 2020 and another 2 years to 2012 where some people predict the last day is going to be happened. Whatever it is time pass by very fast.

When new ywear is starting a lot of thing come into my mind. I want to change, improve and become better. I decide to do the best in academic and social activity. I learn how much my life is important and how much I have to treasure it.

My early semester started with much of assignment already got from the lecturer, some plans for club and some other plans for my own sake. I hope to manage it very well and make it possible as much as I could.

While arranging my schedule, I learn a lot of my classes in the evening and starting arond ten to twelve o’clock. Really I have plenty time in the morning that made me think how really I should use it. Then its remind me of my first semester in degree when I have spent much of my early morning with jogging. Exciting and healthy activity and may be I can loss some of my weight too.

I am still arranging my schedule and may be next week the real timetable will be fixed. At the same time I am thinking how can I perform some of my plan such as swimming and writing my online series novel which I dont really have any idea yet. But i will make it come true and it is my promise.

I dont want to write any longer, enough for this entry. Just below is my 2010/1431 wishes which I have 12 months to fulfill it;

1. Get at least GPA 3.75

2. Writing online novel series at least once a week in the blog

3. Finishing up at least 6 short stories

4. Make money through business

5. Tidy up room once for two weeks

6. Swimming at least once a month

7. Reading Quran translation at least a page a day