Monday, December 21, 2009

From Proposal to Ninja with Vampire and Dragon

I always say that hollywood movies are not my taste. I’m prefer more the asian made film, especially Hong Kong, Japanese and Korean. However I cant deny how great movies american had made.

I watch such a quick news about Sandra Bullock nominated in Golden Globe award through the film The Proposal. My memory eventually think about the movies that I have just transfer from my brother portable hard disk and that movie, The Proposal also one of them. Yup, its catch my interest to watch it.

I love this movies. But its not good enough to make me want to watch it again and again. But, the line story is just right for me. About two person that pretend as lovers but at last really fell in it. Yup, that just a simple romantic story will be. But i like it, simple and sweet. However, not all romance or romantic comedy film is nice. But this The Proposal film is just good to watch. For relax and love story, i think this film can be the one.

My brother told me Rain will be acted in this film. Absolutely its attract me very much. Although before that all the thriller in the television never catch my interest, furthermore its made by the same director or producer of Matrix. The trilogy that always made me sleep while watching although Keanu Reeve is so hot. Its not just its a boring movie but Matrix is much more like Zionist propaganda. Who watch it will realize it. But then my brother who already watch it told how great this film is. Yeah, its give me more reasons to watch it.

After half day in MEASAT and driving lost in Putrajaya search for Wetland Park. My brother and I decide to go to Alamanda rather than continue to follow the group of people in their visit at Putrajaya. At last I made decision to watch movie at cinema. Yup, my last time I watch it at my second semester in foundation, the time where the cinema got blackout in my exciting watching of Love, the indonesian version of Cinta by Kabir Bhatia. That a great movie, better than Cinta I thought. Back to my cinema story, we decide to watch Ninja Assasin.

The story. First, to much blood, feel not real. Its remind me of ‘funny’ kung fu movement in Matrix. However, its still disgusting and i feel want to vomit with all the violent things on the big screen. Really i’m not really like it. Second, its humiliate the east. I dont really know what ninja is all about. But made the culture or history of one of the east country for such a present criminal. Its not a human things for me. The theatre is almost full. I believe the word ninja and Rain attract lot of youngsters. Is the propaganda is getting in their mind? Some of my mind felt hatred of it. Rain is Korean, and the story is obviously for humanity right. But he should consider and think before accept the offer although its the best role he can get to go through international level as an actor. But, his dialogue in this film can be count. He did a lot of action. Think over again he just like the stunt man who act the role hero.

The value of this film may be some. But i dont want to feel regret spend money on this film but this movie made me think again to watch movie on big screen and paid for it. Download movie although not really up to date, its satisfy me more.

Download movies always give me more satisfy, without losing my money except for electricity I watch movies with exciting but calmly. No worry for time and readjusting sound system. Also no uncomfortable darkness. Looks like cinema not really into me.

I have my driving lesson this morning. I hate it. If only I dont have to get the licensed. But this world with limited choice. But the evening I cant sleep. I waste my time again watching another two great movies.

Twilight. You can refer dictionary for its meaning. Because i need it to understand it. The story about vampire. If not people talking about it, i really not knowing it. What twilight related with the vampire? Twiligh 2 is on cinema now. I just had watch the first version. It had been in my laptop’s hard disk in a long time but never attract me. Just the boring evening made me no choice except to watch it.

Its story about vampire. But its less blood. Really the story is quite slow. But its interesting. Somehow its give us lesson, we have choices to be better person although its impossisble. The vampire who live with sucking human blood could endure their desire and keep living just by animal blood. Yeah, its made me think each of man have black side in theirs, however there is still white things although it not much but it should be dominant.

However, become immortal and live with such power and eat only blood, its made me think why we really want to go on living? Is it we are too scared about die? Become vampire to avoid death really insane. Yeah, its never can be real but this story only gave people question. Why they choose to live on? What can they do in such long long life with no change and aim? Thank God its only a story.

This is another movies which have been month in my hard disk. Its remind me of my childhood. My elder brother always bought the comic and he is really crazy into it. I also really fan on the anime. May be the first and most favorite. Dragonball. The characters in this story is really nostalgic.

I dont really know what to tell of this story. Its made really base on the origin comic. But what more attract me is its produce by Stephen Chow also its a hollywood movie.

I watch more movies this holiday. But this four really caught me to write about them. May be we can learn or may be we can just having fun. For me watching is not really good habit but when we just cant stop it, make it benefit for something otherwise stop yourself or decrease it.