Sunday, May 31, 2009

young and dangerous

His name is Chan Ho Nam. He is a guy who join the ‘kongsi gelap’, i dont know to pronounce it in english. Frankly to say, i like him. He is famous in Hung Hin Group, become the Causeway Bay branch leader at a young age. Famous by his brave, loyal to friends and a lot of fellows including his handsome face. Not easy to be a gangsters, but he is such a loyal person and trying so hard to not hurt people. Sometime regret to choose such a way. Oh, how could in reality there is such warm-hearted rascal like him!

I cant believe to i just give a lot of compliment to a ‘bad guy’. Actually, i should praise the Andrew Lau the director of 7 series of Young and Dangerous. A film about gang in Hong Kong. How could the dark world could be such commercial value. I thought it could be a culture in Hong Kong for having a gang because it easily attract the crowd with 7 movies. Just like ‘mat rempit’ or ‘bohsia’ in Malaysia. What a comparison here!

Always, making film to educate people, show people the truth of society. Yeah, thats the true! So what? I wont deny how much i love to watch this movie. The story line, action, drama, everything keep me watch to the end the seventh, the prekuel. But, im asking myself right now, what i learn? Dream to be a part of this undergroundworld? Feel exciting to make it real. Or realize how dark the future to fell in such dark situation? And try so hard to avoid it. I wont deny, i choose the first one. Believe me, whoever enjoy this film are eager to try it! Only i dont have the chance. Or i should say how grateful i dont have the chance!

May be we will the dream, how nice to feel the adventure of gangs life and did a good deeds and also become the hero, such like Ho Nam Taiko. But, we are not Ho Nam. Nobody could be like him. He just an imaginary character to show the white side of this black hole. To give such a value, whoever we are, we still can turn to nice guy. Yeah, the only realistic thing we could take here is be a nice person in whatever situation you are in, it should be an happy ending story there.

I love Hong Kong movies, whether its about cops or criminals. I just love how good they made their film. Till i can say i like it more than hollymood made. Frankly, this stuffs which came from east always impress me much more than from the west. May be because i’m an oriental. I just want learn how eastern making film but not took how they copy the dark value from hollywood.

I will watch all i want. But, its doesnt mean when there is a compliment its all that good. Believe me, more praise to give just to make it better....