Sunday, May 24, 2009

Holiday: The Way I Enjoy It

Long time never write. Although now is holiday. May be i’m quite busy. I have to finish reading the novel Ketupat Cinta by Faisal Tehrani and a lot of books waiting to be written. I also spend some times to clean and tidy up my room. Quite tiring but living back in such a good condition after cleaning and arranging, such a relief thing that i could’nt tell it. To make life more lively i took a day to accampany my mother and brother to Nilai 3, just hanging there look and compare some stuffs. Not much we bought, I think we just came back with my things only, i bought my desire pillow with ‘Hello Kitty’ picture on it and a T-shirt. But, all day walking its just make me so tired and sick to go there again. And at the weekend i went to wedding ceremony of my relative, meeting with some of relatives, also such a relief things. Then, since the place of ceremony is near to Kuala Lumpur, we just continue heading to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, shopping there for some stuffs and back home just azan maghrib is sounding.

I just love to be in holiday. Just hanging in my room, reading and watching whatever i want. Then, pick a day just went out to get some fresh air. Just relax without think anything else. Such a waste actually. But, i think this is how i survive, struggle the whole semester trying to get the best result and spend all the break time to heal all of the headache of study. But, i’m not totally in it. Study something that not really my interest is not the worst thing actually. Because its give me chance to learn something new, something that i would not explore except i have to. Then, in the holiday season, i will spending it with something i really into it. Reading and learning something that i’m not get it in my syllabus in university but something i just enjoy to have knowledge about it. Who said attending class and got the certificate is the only remark of your ability? We dont need it, because knowledge come from all sources, although we are not excellent in the course we took in, but its does’nt mean we are not an excellent person. Just hang on there and find your experti. Believe me, you are not such a wasteful creature. You are made for the sake of human being, just be a such an important part of this nature.

I don’t know what will happen in future, it seem that my dream become smaller when i’m became elder. May be i just realize how hard to a dream to come true. So, i just be such a simple minded, accept the fate that come into my life. Really, i’m not that strong enough to change it when it was happened. However, i’m never upset, i will live on although how tough and hard it. So did you! When you pick the wrong way that you think you are not belong to it. You just have two choices, quickly change it but it will cost you a lot because you may slip on your way and fell down to no where or you just hanging on and be prepared for any sequences. And I chose the second. And i dont want to thinking either i regret or not, but i only want to think how should i do to survive?