Monday, December 29, 2008

About What I'm Watching This Semester Break

I watch a lot of movie and drama a long this semester break. May be a hundred or more. That how i spend my time this holiday. Most of the story is Japanese and Korean. I dont know why, but I really really like Japanese and Korean drama and film. Japanese especially. Compare to Hollywood, Bollywood and Malay story, watching Japanese and Korean are more fascinating and may be addicting.

Why I say that? I’m not really sure, may be cause i’m not a film critic. But, i just give some of my opinion as a watcher. Watching Korean, they are very good in making drama, touch heart of spectators, make person smile, cry, angry and symphathy. They also very good to make the very good scene with the environment, camera angle and expressions. Yup, the actors and actress are very dramatic and lively. Also, the line story always strong and organize. However, the weakness of Korean is they hardly change the theme and aim of the story. Most of the story are readable and give less huge impact to a person. Of course for love story, they are the queen but for whole story, they just tell about love. Thats their expert, making very touchable love story.

Japanese, i’m not really like to give my compliment to the colonists of my country. But i admire this country very much. May be, therefore they could colonize other country. In east, Japan is a great country in all aspects, no doubt about it. Japan, modern and initiate a lot of technology in world today. The citizen are known as very dicipline, punctual and always keep their country clean. They are example for other country to follow. In other hand, in their very high technology lifestyle, they still rich in culture and tradition which are very well known all over the world, as samurai, ninja, yakuza, geisha and so on. They are still wear the kimono or yakuta in summer. May be i am giving too much of compliment. But, they deserve, and the famous cartoon character that they call ‘anime’ are very worldwide and give a lot of fan from all over the world to this country. For me, Japanese are very creative to invent new things. Therefore each of their story, whether movie or drama is always about different theme, line story, problems and climax. Their stories are always fresh and full of spirit. Yup, that the strength I see in each story, they taugth to behave, reach the aim and other moral value. Watching their story always give us the new hope to chase our ambition, to make dream come true, to start new life in better ways and so on. However, the story are still not lack of dramatic scene, love, humor, action, everything mix, make it just perfect and satisfy the heart for whoever watch them. May be they’re not making the vague film like in hollywood. But, they just have their own method in mixing the story to give the perfect feel for those who watching. That’s why i like japanese the best.

My interest in J-Dorama built my interest in learning their language, through some introductory from my cousin who learn Japanese to study there in engineering field, i learn there are three type ofwritng in japanese; Haragana, Katagana and Kanji. I’m really curious, may be it was something new after i know ‘rumi’ and ‘jawi’ . I thought i could learn the new writing. Always, because my really interest in watching movie and drama make me also interest in their language. I cant deny, i have desire to master a language after i watch their movie for couple of time. Sometimes, i always thinking, science is just not suitable with me. Because my interest more in art, in language, story, drama, history, culture, phylosophy and so on. However, science is my path now. May be I should really distinguish about interest and duty.

Back to the topic, sometimes, i’m making comparison between Japanese and Korean, other their way in making movie and drama as i wrote earlier, the distinguish different that i really see in this two people is of course the language, my interest for sure. I’m really not understand any word from both language except for couple of word. But i could distinguish their sound very much. For me Japanese is more clear than Korean. Its remind me about the different sound of Malaysian and Indonesian, how Indonesian is pronounce their language clear than Malaysian. Therefore hear the Japanese is easier to catch up and nice for listening compare to Korean. Again, compliment to Japanese. In addition, from their story, i learn the Japanese are more courteous and have culture of respect compare to Korean. They also learn to have more rule and tradition, but Korean also still strength in their tradition but Japanese lifestyle for me is more unique.

In each story, there must be the theme song. I’m not really interested in song cause i’m not really understand it, But i love their song very much. Every time i finished watching drama, i will wait till the song finished. I just love to hear it and their music are just nice for me. Especially for drama Full House and most of Japanese drama. I love it.

I think this is the conclusion i could make for watching movie for the whole holiday. But, i just cant deny hollywood always very good making story with high technology, great story, great actors and actress. But my interest is still toward east, love story of Korean, full with spirit of Japanese, great drama of Hong Kong, comedy romantic of Taiwanese and culture and tradition of Indian. I love east people represent their point of view of making great story. I just love watching great story and hope one day to write something on Malay movie and drama. To all, enjoy your watching and make sure you learn something good.