Monday, December 29, 2008

My New Year Resolutions

I think this is my first time writing my wishes for new year hijrah before the new year for masihi. Always i make my wishes on new year masihi and the remind its when the new year hijrah is coming. But for this year, new year hijrah is coming early than masihi, so, i should make my wishes now and remind its when new year masihi is coming.

Before that, this is my first year in twenty. Believe it, this is about twenty years i live on this earth. Sometimes when we thought, it was a long time but sometimes i feel it was too short. Why? Because, i always feel i dont really know myself. So, for knowing myself it should be doest need much time, therefore i said twenty years are short time. Then, i thinking to really know myself i need over than twenty years, so, do you think how much years i need to kow someone else? I hate math to calculate the year...

When i just know myself, i found a lot of new thing about me. My weakness and strength. What make me up and down. I thought i need to make wishes to improve myself and make my dream realize. I’m making something that not beyond my capability but i need effort to make it. What else i hope.. i hope to fulfill my wishes and make myself a better person.

My Resolutions 1430 H / 2009 M

1. Write at least 6 short stories

2. Make a part time job

3. Start writing first novel

4. Stop say the word ‘malas’

5. Write entri in blog in malay at least once a week

6. Write entri in blog in english at least once a week

7. At least make 3.75 pointer in exam

I’m becoming twenty years old young lady

A lot i have been through last year

I’m thinking what else i will face the coming years

For what i have through, life is really scary

However, i will never pull over

I will go through this life with my wise and patience.