Thursday, January 1, 2009

wELcoMe 2oo9 wITh nEW sPiriT

2009 is starting now. I just started my bachelor programme yesterday. A lot happen, since the day on registration. But, its fun. I got to stay in college 13, although to avoid that college is my main purpose to choose engineering course compare to others. But, its not really hard, its fun meeting all friends, talk and laugh together. But, i know we need to move, college 13 is too far from faculty and the very bad transportation, we really need to move to college 11. Its sad but we need to make it early before we got a lot more problems.

We got a presentation in the morning by Dr Norashikin if i’m not mistaken. But before that we went to class that not be held and actually we dont have to attend cause the organic chemistry subject we have the assumption. Quite funny, but its ok. About the presentation, may be interesting but a litte scary. I dont know, but, this course quite scared me. I dont know what i’m going to do, to be. To become an engineer is too far from what i’m thinking of myself in future. Sometimes, i did think about change the course. But what course i want to take? I’m actually dont know where i’m heading to. But, i’m pretend to not worry, pretend to be tough, pretend i’m just fine. Yup, i want to be like it, but its me, science, more technology and this machine knowledge is really not my interest. Working in industry, in factory, talking about engine and motor...what i’m really into...

But, i’m still envy. Yup, to all the lecturer and academic staff from Dr Norashikin presentation. They really good in their field. Continue their study from universities all over the world. The one i’m really sure, i really really want to be just like them. Yup, one day for sure, i want to leave this country and get new experience and knowledge abroad. In my mind, Japan is the most country i really want to go. Its keep remind me about Anuar, i know, i should be grateful, i’m not really know what to do, so, better late than regret.

A lot have to do as the new student. But, i really enjoy it. Hard in key in subject in registration, waiting bus under hot sunlight, run to the student affair department, disappointed when the counter is just close...a lot more..but, i really appreciate the moment...really, i have fun over all the obstacle and i have no regret.

However, its still new year. Only one day in faculty, i have the day off. How lucky i am. But, i know, its not easy in future. This is really tough course for me, till i really sure, compare to medical, engineering for me is more hard. But, what to say, i’m no interested at all to become a doctor. So, this is the path i choose. About the loan that i’m not really sure yet, i have to save or get some job, but, quite worry if its disturb my study.

Life is not easy, i’m not the one that easily surrender to fate. I will go on. In financial and academic as well. For initial, i want to stop dreaming and thinking about something that not important. My priority now is learning very well and less financial problems.

As reminding....

My Resolutions 1430 H / 2009 M

1. Write at least 6 short stories

2. Make a part time job

3. Start writing first novel

4. Stop say the word ‘malas’

5. Write entri in blog in malay at least once a week

6. Write entri in blog in english at least once a week

7. At least make 3.75 pointer in exam