Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Prestige

This is story about magicians. Two or may be more compete to each other for the greatest. Neither magic nor hollywood movie move my heart, but this really got me. Somehow, magical does. Of course its all about the story. Always, good movie came from the novel, and this one based on the novel by Christopher Priest.

What is the most interesting about this story? Of course the tricks! Make wonder and exciting. Really, we always want to know the secret and the magician is the one who cannot reveal it. Somehow, it takes a lot of sacrifice and hurt.

The story is about two gentlemen met each other on the way of learning magic. But, in one performance, an accident happen and the revenge started. But, its not more than revenge because they not really care what they lose as long as they learn the greatest trick and magical moment happens to impress the audience.

Its started and end with murder. Its really great movie. Because i’m not having teary eyes but i felt the satisfaction as it end.

I tried myself watching the series of Harry Potter’s movies but i felt nothing. I’m not really understand why people too obsessed with this magic non existed world with a lot of costume made props. I hate that made creatures. Really, i keep thinking why its really fan for many people. Who got the idea, please give me some answer.