Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Starting School

Yesterday, it was quite a tiring and happening day. Attend the starting school program in third year in university is not really a good thing for me. But, i’m quite excited too because its particularly make me the more real bachelor student with this program.

Like what we assume, the program that should be held at 8.30 am, is just started at 9. With the clumsy instructor go in and out the room really make the curiousity. But in the slightly eye, that guy is quite something.

Its started. And when the instructor introduce his name, i just cant breath in shock and unbelievable feeling. He is the young and handsome lecturer that we just see his picture around the faculty for this first week. I look at my friends and smile.

Really, he is such an energetic person, full of idea and spirit. Put the emotion and knowledge in all movement. In the first sight, i think how good he is. But, after a few slot, i realize he is a great person but not perfectness and i disagree a lot of thing with his view. Neglecting that, i still looking forward to get to him further.

This staarting school program for me is just a reminder or motivation to be succeed. It will not last the spirit forever but for the time being some of our move is from the effect of this program. Although its not really suit with me, i agree that for some reason this program taught me some values and views. And above of all the instructor himself that look like a veri successful person move me to be like him.

I learn that i should put my effort now. Make contribution and acquire something. Its really remind me of my big brother about his business, nevertheless he is not perform well in his study, but i really envy him in some part of his life. He just go through his life without thinking much of the risk and just being himself.

Its remind how big my dream in the past. And why it keeps getting smaller for the time going?