Friday, January 9, 2009

The Study Just Started

I love study..=)

I'm not kidding, its true... thats the most thing that i really enjoy do it.. although sometimes very frustrated.. but, at the end i always want to study.. and that also the only things i could make it very well..yet..

I just started the first two week as bachelor student, although i'm not really interested in mathematic field but i enjoy all the subjects are taught by...of course the lab session are very microscope which always make my head dizzy and dissection of animals which make me feel to vomit always..

On the other hand i enjoy this course very much..although i stop learning chemistry and biology field and turn to physic which are never thinkable before..but this is all about fate..

I know, how much i need to work to be the excellent student..that my dream..and the important aim for the time being..hope to be a dean list...pray for me..

i will do the best..i promise...


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