Saturday, January 4, 2014

When I try to live the way I want NO MATTER WHAT!

No Matter What! I want to be the person I want to be.

This book was one among I bought at BBW last December. When I want to choose the path of my life and psychology become one of the option. With the thought, may be I can live the life that I love.

Lisa Nichols is a motivational speaker that giving talk and coaching to help people especially teenagers for living the life in better way. I never heard her name before but she achieved a lot in this area and quite known by people.

She represent in the book 9 steps how to live the life you love by unphysical  'muscle' that hid beneath inside us;

  1. Understanding Muscle
  2. Faith-in-Myself Muscle
  3. Take-Action Muscle
  4. I-Know-Like-I-Know Muscle
  5. Honesty Muscle
  6. Say-Yes Muscle
  7. Determination Muscle
  8. Forgiveness Muscle
  9. Highest Choice Muscle
By telling her own life stories, she taught how the 9 muscles can develop and use to live a better. The life we love. Which I admitted that, I am not ready to apply it in my life (oh, motivational think never work on me!). 

However, the stories she told were something else. Stories about an American-African lady that totally different with me. (Really, the story caught my attention rather than how to motivate myself.) What I thought is, the society where she live is sick and she is strong-willed woman that learnt to bounce-back from her imperfect life and applied positive attitude to live the life she love.

When she learnt how imperfect life can be and the effect toward the people (especially the young one), she realized how important to be a person that can play big and help others. That how she started the career she love with a lot of challenges but she manage to be. And I admire that.

But, I am not interested to just help one by one person, try to shape the positive attitude in them so that they can be better and live the life to the best. Still, in the situation and system that not supported their willingness to change. Its not that I don't believe the power of motivational. But, for a person with low willpower like me, if the surrounding do not lead me to the positiveness that I acquired in motivational session, I tend to change back to negative person who I am before. For me, motivation is a temporary power that last in certain time and will be faded if our situation and system of life is still in negative condition. (Haish, how much negative I can be!)

Therefore, I prefer to change the system, the surrounding condition. May be, rather than being a psychologist, I am more interest to be a politician or a person that can draft the principles of the system of our life. Because, to learn how sick this society and being just a healer with other person do all the damages. I felt do not fair and I hate to be just a cleaner when some people do all the shitting.

Nevertheless, I still believe in this world we need motivator. No matter what, in order to create the best system and society, each person and people in there should be the best! Just, its not a career for me...