Friday, May 10, 2013

Iron Man 3 : another hero story

I am thinking now... when was the last I am watching movie? Totally, I am too 'busy' to have leisure time to watch any movie or drama either on laptop screen, tv, and dont have to mention cinema. However, one night free and my little brother (who just quit his work), my cinema buddy also have free time, and we choose this superhero movie, iron man 3 to watch.

I have no idea, who is this iron man. Unlike superman, batman and spiderman, iron man have no memories in my life. But, nothing to lose to watch the movie. And, the story is quit leisure, some humor, some suspense and some intense. The feel is vary. But, my favourite superhero still batman, the dark night.

Back to topic, when watch a movie, there are two aspect that I will look into; technical part and content part. Technically, it is average... I love the acting but not the best acting i ever see, I love the technology effect, the robot, the smart editing, but likewise, there are better then this movie. So, technically this movie just average and the production does not make me feel the iron man is the best film, i can just say, okla....

Content... ok the sexual part.. I dont like it... (oh, did i forgot it is essential for hollywood movie to have it since i stop watch movie too long..huhu). Others, I dont know... the line story i feel not very focussing... and i feel distracted and unsatisfy in many scene... no touching deep inside and may be there are some quotes the worth to copy, but it just a sentence with less emotion.

this is post general election season, and everywhere talk about politic. Then, this film have some political issue in it... may be i need some analysis, but the theory how some people that so called terrorist is only an acting for the person/organisation that have bigger intention to control the world. so, the production give the terrorist issue some part in this movie. 

Clearly, the story show how the iron man save the world and the person he love. Its beautiful but i dont very feel it.