Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Dream

My Dreams
         Write a book (at least)
         Update blog (current issues, reviews)
         Travelog (each time musafir/program)
         Regular Column Writer
         Regular Cerpenist
         A reasonable size house with small garden and library
         A suitable vehicle
         A small office/shop/café/factory
         A small farm with multi plants and animals
         Build social and business network
         Experience in NGO, private and government
         Getting place in education institution
         Long term research and sharing knowledge
The paths
         Find my passion (social work, travel, learn)
         Further studies (postgraduate diploma, master, doctor of philosophy)
         Start small business with committed (books, drink process, café, boutique)

Actually, i'm writing all the above when i am struggling in my final semester...then, when finish..i am too busy to review...

Then, realize that one of them is to UPDATE BLOG.. erk... ok i'm writing now...

Its just my dream..and it's my effort to achieve it...n i'm hoping just pray for me.... ^_^