Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist.

After watching this great movie, we without realize want to say it, ‘my name is Amalina, and I’m not a terrorist’. Nothing wrong with it, such a great film, great actors/actress, great story and we will give full moon for it for those who struggle for peace, democracy and freedom on the earth. However, for me the movie is wrong and somehow bring bad influence to viewer. Especially who claim he is muslim and he is not a terrorist.

First, when the movie differentiate people to two, bad and good. No doubt, it is rightful way to distinguish person. However, how to measure the good and bad of the person? There should be a guidance or just by logical or what most people think is good? In Islam, the only thing to differentiate a person with others is ‘taqwa’. The guide which Allah prepared for us. Not by our thinking or assumption.

Next, the marriage. I dont study more whether there is a rule that allow a muslim to marry a non muslim. However, this movie give permission for this kind of situation to happen. And it show it is good thing. Be with love one although different belief. It show, all the religion is equal. You have right to choose and you can choose to live with what kind of life you want. Which I believe wrong and this kind of thinking is support the pluaralisme and liberalisme in belief.

I cry while watching this heartbreaking film. No doubt, its touch my heart. But, I prepare that not all show and come through your mind and heart is true. This film may be made to unite people, to make peace. However, in the same time it give the wrong thinking about Islam. Of course, muslim is not a terrorist but for muslim, is not enough to be a good person but muslim is a person who have ‘taqwa’, follow all Allah asks and forbids.

This film, is another film to spread the logical thinking of modern people with not consider the religious aspect. As a muslim we should learn, we are not terrorist, but why should we just deny but we have to show them who the real terrorist.