Thursday, February 19, 2009


This is my first time watching theatre. Actually I really want to watch theatre long time ago. But, I ve no chance. Alhamdulillah, I got this chance, although the main point going to this theatre is to collect merit for staying at college. But, its make I did it with all my heart. Not only for merit.

First, the title; PROTES. Its a malay theatre, thus I can understand it very well. From the ads I found that it was Dinsman's masterspiece. If not wrong, he is a famous artist in Malaysia. The story should be nice too. That's my interpretation, only just by looking at the poster. And of course Iwant to watch it.

The story is about the characters whose protest their characteristic and destiny that determine by the author. Its like the fantasy of the author but at the same time its show the reality of human character. I cannot give what exactly the writer want to tell by writing such type of story. But, all I understand, the story show life is unexpected. We always expect all thing will be nice, but at the end, nothing going on well. Everything wrong in all aspect. And at that point, we will blame one another for that wrong, and most all the time we will blame the Creature who make things went wrong.

The story, I think quite nice. Sure, Dinsman is a great writer as I heard before. And the actors and actress also make the performance live. Although some part of course could be improved but, for their age plus not their course, its just good for them. Overall I satisfied with their performance and its make me not sick for watching theatre again in the future.

However, looking at how they act, my interested to join theatre have to forget. I will never do something prohibited by Islam altough in acting. May be I have just need to be writer. And forget about acting. Sure, its not suitable for me. Or, the way of acting actually need to change. I believe, it will be just great and perfect without do that kind of action which not consider the sensitive of Islam. Yup, it should be changed!

What else I should writing? I love theatre. And for this theatre, 3 over 5 stars is nice. I hope to watch another theatre in the future. But, in such busiest day as student, not only theatre, the movie and novel also I have no time to have a look.