Friday, November 6, 2015

Blog again. After more than a year.

I think I am going to blog again.

It's really hard for me to stop writing my personal journal and depend solely on Facebook. Too much people, too much audiences. I am not feeling secure to write my personal story there.

I think, no body is going to look at my blog anymore.  Its not really popular before and its much more unpopular now.

My life is getting hard when I don't know to whom I should talk. I have this problem since young, that's the reason I start writing and express my feeling through it.

But, I stop when life was too hard and I can't even write to share about that hard moment in my life.

As I grow up and all the hard things seem bearable now. That's life, you need t go through it to grow.

I will write back. My life, my feeling and anything I want. Just to let my heart be at peace. So, when I write I can cry with satisfaction. And I can feel better.

A lot has happened since my last post. More than a year. I graduated, worked, failed in my work, work again, not really suitable, further my study, make a distance, start seriously writing, find my passion, fell in love, broken heart, fell in love again, again, broken heart, searching job, find unthinkable jobs and the latest I was offered and I was accepting to be part of something that I never think before.

I also have my own room. New house. One by one, my childhood dream came true. I feel bless and grateful. I think, Allah is always there for me. In hard difficult time and even in easy and happy time. I shouldn't ask more. I should love and worship Him more.

But, I am just human. And I need to talk out and express what I feel. How I am sick with this world, how I am disappointed with my self. About a lot of thing. I just want to write and tell.

Therefore, I choose to blog again. I hope no one is reading. I could write a lot of secret things too... ^_^