Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Lazy Millionaire (Book Review)

This book has 160 pages (only). But it looks quite thick. (I learn later that the paper use is heavier than usual books, may be its about millionaire, so, the paper represent the wealth too) Therefore, in couple of travelling time in a week, I finished it. Amazingly because nowadays to have me finished the whole book is quite something.

I am not really interested to be millionaire. But, in life, who don’t need money. And, I am really depended to it. So, reading this book make me feel quite happy with how life can be for a lazy millionaire. Something that I feel quite similar what I want to be.

This book contains two parts; part one is about lazy millionaire and the second one is the art of always being on vacation. There are 16 chapters in first part and 10 chapters in the second. Every chapter do not really have much pages, low than 10 and several can have only 3 to 4 pages only. That’s make reading become easier and the way the author conveys, his story by trying to communicate with reader with arrangement of sentences and phrases make reading more fun.

For the first part, the author teaches reader how to be millionaire by first chapter, he elaborate the definition of lazy millionaire which person who acquire significant millions of fortune but do not really work hard to acquire it. He just lives like a simple person, living the life he love but he is just wealthy by his own effort (the lazy way). This part taught us that how to manage our life effectively so that we can live a healthy life. How to manage our asset, our priority, our time, our spending, our mind and so on, so, we can live like a lazy millionaire. What I love most is that the author himself is the lazy millionaire. He is a writer (which a career that I aim to be) and a person who own a company and collect property asset (homes and a lot of homes to make him millionaire by collect this asset). Since, he is writer (a successful one) it make me love him (or the book) even more.

Later, for part two, the author shows how we can live our life like we are having vacation all the time. Actually, this part is for people who are coping with hectic way of life through demanding work and lifestyle. It’s not really suitable for unemployed person like me who always living day like summer holiday. However, this chapter makes a reminder, something like that (busy lifestyle) can happen if I’m not prepared and recognize to what kind of life I’m going to lead. It’s not that life can always be relaxing and rest. But, life is more than working (even worst if the work is something we hate to do). I love to be involved in volunteering work, traveling, and spending time at home (a lot). May be I should be a housewife (after getting married). 
Nevertheless, I want to improve myself, my capability is beyond that (a housewife, but, I do not mean a housewife is not good, it’s the best but I am not the best for it). I am a person who always scored for perfect result during my school day, ambitious young lady who always dream to achieve the best in life, which I realize later what kind of dream and reality are. Therefore, I strive to achieve a better life, a healthy lifestyle, a perfect career and some space for me to live the way I want to live.

The second part of this book show how life can be if we try to change. However, life is not as easy as writing and reading books. Each of people leads a different kind of life. For me, this book is just compatible for me since I just love the idea of lazy millionaire and how much I want to be writer and being comfort in my lifestyle without anxious about living expenses and so on.

My recommendation, those who want to lead a free lifestyle, do not want to be tie up with 8 hours working hour, who do not mind about office clothes and etiquette, who just want to be creatively artistic and work to present what in the mind and heart, who love to be leisured and living effective life and at the same time do not worry about money. This book is just perfect for you (just perfect for me!).

Thanks to my best friend who presented the book for me since my habit is to slip through my lips the word ‘lazy’ all the time when we talk. Clearly, I admit how lazy myself and how much it affect my life. For that reason, this book taught me how the laziness also can lead me into flourishing lifestyle if I handle my life well.