Sunday, May 4, 2014

Keep Calm and Feel Better

It’s actually hurt a lot when you love someone but the real is she/he doesn’t love you back like you are. They actually don’t want to be with you and ignoring you. That’s why love one side is killing and people tend to act out of normal.

I am a person that is really sensitive, easily upset, easily crying, easily angry, easily hurting. I can easily feel and the feeling also easily diminishing. People sometime amaze by how easily my mood changing. It’s just I feel too much but do not put time to think about it too much.

In order to forget all the ill feeling, I occupy myself on other thing. Like many people done because to feel down and overwhelmed only cause harm to me, my self.

I choose to stop thinking about the feel, the problem, the person. Till I stop talking and interact with it (worst cases). Since I will be hurt only to be around, so, just leave it and move on.

However, I spend time crying before it. Cry for couple minutes, to hours or days (depend on situation). But, then start a fresh with new determination. Forget, forgive and move on.

Life will never easy. And you will never stop hurting people and being hurt by. But, life will go on right? And it’s not easy to satisfy all. Just live the way you feel right and try to change for the better, one step for a time. Not only to make people love you but importantly to have God love you, and that have to be our main purpose in life.

That’s why, do not rely too much on people, because how nice and beautiful a relationship can be, people will hurt you on the journey. If that happen, you already prepare to learn how human you and they are. We hurt each other and we comfort one another.

I learnt it in life. How easily I can be hurt, and how easily I try to forget by do not think too much after crying out alone. Of course then, I move on. Try to forgive, make it distance (to avoid being hurt again) and appreciate to be alive and sound. People is just an obstacle that God give us to strength us. To make us realize, how weak we are and how much we need Him in our life.

And of course learn how exactly we have to behave as person and human. Since we may be in right or wrong side, we have to be open and humbly to accept others. And I am a person who always think I am wrong but the same time feel hard to change and comfortable to be in wrong. However, I learn that I have to adjust although little by little from time to time.