Friday, March 21, 2014


What friendship mean? Its something not easy for me to comprehend. I don't feel I ever have a best friend in my lifetime. No one to be blamed, just I am not ready to accept a person to intrude in my life deeply. 

I've been hurting sharing my secret with people around me. Nobody will really be there. May be I expected too much from people that I've hurt again and again.

Therefore, I decided to stop to be in that kind of friendship anymore. 

Sometime, I feel like I should just ignore. May be that friendship mean, sometime happy, sometime hurt. But, I don't feel any friendship. It just... business may be. 

And its annoying. That I want to stop. Stop to be in a fake relationship they call friendship. Where, I always feel disturb and hurt.

Nobody to be blamed. Its all my fault to feel that way, to be that way. I just need to stop now.