Thursday, December 19, 2013

Leadership Style : kisah sang raja dan ratunya (story of sulayman a.s. and balqis)

I took sometime this morning to review how leadership should be done (how my leadership style should be)

This story have been recorded in Surah An-Naml (15-44). It has began with introduction of nabi Dawud and Sulayman that how they have been prized by Allah with prosperous and power. Still they were grateful and praise Allah in which ever way and moment because of His generosity and benevolence towards them.

I list down 5 qualities that extracted from the ayahs:

1. Routine meeting (Usrah) is compulsory, and absence strictly not allowed without concrete reason

Hudhud is a special bird. It is one of soldiers in Sulayman’s army. In a routine gathering, Sulayman realized that he is not presence. This become the reason of Sulayman’s anger and he will punish him if hudhud had absence without good reason.

I learnt that, in meeting or usrah, the presence of each members is very important, lack of one person mean something is wrong and being strict is necessary. Let by the person without discipline action is not a character of good leadership that demonstrates by Sulayman a.s.

2. No decision without discussion and mutual agreement

When Balqis receive the letter from Sulayman, she called her minister to have discussion and to get opinion about the letter.

As a leader, in wherever level you are, to make a decision by your own without any discussion with your man is not very wise. You tend to decide with prejudice or wrong. However, after a discussion, you have to make a firm decision objectively with no bias toward any bad influence.

3. Avoid damage and choose peace

Rather than war, Balqis prefer reconciliation by giving some offerings to Sulayman.

If there are any route that can go peace, decide to do so and prevent any uproar.

4. Firm with principle and can’t be lured by enticement

With the present given by Balqis, Sulayman still show his authority and doesn’t sway. He still want Balqis and her kingdom to embrace Islam and admit that Allah is only one god.

Leader cannot sell his belief by trade prosperous, wealthy or power. He must become a strict but tender person toward his man and subject. However, the belief and principles he has must be the true one.

5. To accept the truth doesn’t mean you be defeated.

Balqis learnt that Sulayman is a nabi. Allah is the one and only god that worthy to worship. Therefore, she submit to Islam. This never mean that she lose and surrender to Sulayman because in the ayah ‘wa aslamtu ma’a sulayman’ mean being muslims with Sulayman, represent that accept the truth indicate both party together won in finding the truth.

Some leaders is very arrogant to accept the truth and feel they were right in all situation. However, understand that accept truth will never been you lose but that prove you just win an ultimate victory that make you a true leader.