Monday, February 15, 2010

My beginning holiday..

I dont really know when i started to change. Having program in the beginning of the break and another at the end of this a week of holiday. I really dont know how i have such desire to have only few days of rest day.

I just came from sg congkak for bengkel pembangunan insan. Honestly i dont know what exactly the purpose of the camp but i join because i cant proceed with my early plan and i dont want my beginning of holiday just happen at home. So i decided to choose for joining this camp. And i got a lot from this camp. Its really taught me a lot.

I think its such a long time from my last program handle by a consultant company. Really its different and something. This company that handle this program, I.P. Minda Sdn Bhd use Muhammad Al-Fateh as the model of their module and its really interesting to learn based on such a great character.

Overall this camp is about leadership, team-building and organization management. With interesting point of talk, practical game and so on, i learn a lot of new things as well as met a lot new people and friends.

What i dont aware, this camp is made to give preparation for the comittee for the coming big program handle by this secretariat, Sekretariat Kerohanian. Then, i which have no direct relation in this secretariat is joining this team for the program. Well, i’m okay with that, since i realize how much i will learn and experience to involve in such activity.

I think thats all from now. I will write more if i have another chance.