Friday, October 2, 2009

‘Yuuki’ means ‘Courage’ – Yuuki The Movie

The story about a young man, 23 years old who found himself having a rare disease that involve brain dissolving which disease that appear only for 8 patient in the world. Apparently he is the eight person. Based on true story with friendship, trust and courage theme, it gave me some touch and make my eyes watering.

The guy, who have cheers and full of energy personality, when foud out that he suffer a disease that have none cure is taking the new with ready and optimist. Having some friend who managed to be by himself in busy of life make the story become more interesting and the real friendship can be seen.

The guy, name Yuuki, although in suffer by his illness, show a very optimis to continue the life and encorage his friend to make the best in life. Sometime, being ill not such a bad thing, somehow it gave people some thought how grateful we are in life.

By chatting and talking to Yuuki, and by looking how Yuuki never upset in his life although he lost his view and no longer can move aggresively, all his friend somehow got courage and fire up to give everything to made all the best in their life. How much life is so much important when we are going to lose it. It make we think, how could we just waste the moment we have.

This movie remind me the drama ‘One litre of tears’. The story is quiite different, but similar in the main plot about the main character having rare disease and have so much courage to front the future and never give up. Then, i’m thinking, what I have to regret in such a great life with healthiness and happiness I had.

Yeah, I’m watching this movie after sick for much of my time wasting in watching such klise love story. And my life quite not right. I found hope in this ‘man to die’ story. Really, die is not about finish our life, but thinking about it give us more hope, more dream and more thing want to do. Since we know, how it will come very soon. Each second is very precious.


crixerity said...

wah, macam menarik. jangan tengok movie picisan. tengok yang bermutu sahaja. :)

Amalina Ismail said...

kalau belum tengok, tak tahu plak sama ada movie i2 bermutu atau tidak...hmm....

ap y pasti bila menonton pastikan ada manfaat y dpt dikongsi brsama..=)